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Expert Advice: How to Gain Weight with High Metabolism”?


Gain weight with high metabolism- Gaining weight with high metabolism without proper caloric intake and sleep can be challenging. Skinny People with high metabolism face a very common problem that no matter how much they eat or work hard, they do not gain weight. In this article we will discuss about some easy and effective tips to gain weight with high metabolism.

What is high metabolism?

It is the process of converting calories into energy that is required by our body so, that it makes harder for the people with high metabolism to gain weight.

How to gain weight with high metabolism?

Gaining weight with a high metabolism can be challenging. If you follow these some tips list below then you will get an idea that how you can gain weight.

Calorie surplus:

First, you need to increase your caloric intake to gain weight. Calculate your maintenance calorie [calories in which your body does not gain or lose weight] and then increase your caloric intake by 250 to 1000 calories by consuming protein rich foods, healthy fats and complex carbohydrates.

Eat More Meals:

eat more meals to gain weight with high metabolism

As you have a high metabolism so your body burns calories faster. So for gaining weight eat 6 meals a day with three main meals and 3 smaller meals. It will help you to be in caloric surplus. You can use calorie calculator to know your caloric intake.

Incorporate Protein Rich Foods:

consume more protein to gain weight with high metabolism

Take protein rich foods in your diet with every meal. This will help you gain muscle mass. Do not consume protein so much; consume only 1 to 1.5 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight in a day. Good protein foods eggs, protein powder, fish, chicken, nuts.

Consume Healthy Fats and Complex Carbohydrates:

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Consuming healthy fats and carbohydrates is very essential or gaining weight. If you will not consume them in adequate level then you cannot build muscles or can’t gain weight.

Complex carbohydrates do not rapidly increase your metabolism. They are found in whole grains, starchy vegetables, legumes and fruits.

Healthy fats play a very important role in gaining weight for individuals with high metabolism. They are calorie dense, provide you energy, and increase your caloric intake and also help in digesting nutrients. Sources of healthy fats are fatty fish, nuts, and dark chocolate and olive oil.

Focus On Strength Training:

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Perform strength training like lifting weights and also focus on compound exercises like squad, push up, pull-ups. Strength training helps you in building muscles and gaining weight and also doing it consistently will achieve you a healthy and muscular physique. Engage in strength training for 3 to 4 days a week.

Adjust Your Sleep:

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Sleep is important for muscle building and for recovery. During sleep body’s muscle get repair which have been damaged during exercise. And it is very important for muscle growth. Quality sleep can increase your energy levels that will help in weight gain. Individuals with high metabolism should aim to sleep 7 to 9 hours per night for gaining weight.


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Manage your stress because it can disturb you i gaining your weight. It can changes your appetite some people may lose their appetite and some experience overeating. Stress can also disturb your sleep leading to slow recovery of body.

Always be hydrated:

Staying hydrated is very important for individual’s health. Proper hydration helps your digestive system to absorb nutrients from food. Dehydration can decrease your energy levels and can also make fatigue by which you can lose motivation for lifting weights.

Consistency is key

It is hard for individuals with high metabolism to gain weight but it is not impossible. Be consistent to your meals, caloric intake, hydration, managing stress, taking proper sleep, regular training routine can help you gain weight gradually and give you success in long term. Gaining weight is a slow process it may takes few months or year to see noticeable results. So be consistent to your weight gain journey.

In conclusion individuals with high metabolism can gain weight by eating calorie surplus, managing stress, taking enough quality sleep, taking moderate amount of protein with every meal, incorporating good fats and complex carbohydrates in their diet and by following a proper workout routine. By following these all consistently you can gain weight and muscles in long term. Remember gaining weight requires lots of discipline and consistency.

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